About neera Forgings

To embark on a journey of success one needs the tools of preparedness,foresight and strategical planning. These lead to the path of growth and high quality operation. It's our endeavour to be one of the most competitive companies in the industry with emphasis on efficiency in operations, reliability for customers and thrust on total customer satisfaction.

Our company is the result of a unique combination of Strong Management Team and Professional and Dedicated workforce lead by a commomn vision to establish a company that can provide unique specialized services to various vital business sectors, with the tools of innovative strategies and in hand talent.

The key to our success can be summarized briefly in our untiring efforts to create a magnum opus in each of our job. Our company;s sights are on the future, but we are diligently aware of their customers' needs in the present.


At Neera Forgings, quality and customer focus is of utmost importance. We strongly believe in providing total customer satisfaction through excellence in product & process development, building quality into the process, proactive approach to quality issues, quick responce to customer, cutting-edge technology & price competitiveness.


Some of the very recent initiatives are:

  • # Continuous improvement using various methodology.
    # Robust manufacturing system in line with the best-in-class.


These are aimed at achieving enhanced customer satisfaction and world-class quality standards. In our journey towards excellence, we continue to meet the stringent requirement on a continous basis. Our quality systems have been designed to comply with the latest quality systems standard, ISO 9001:2008 through DNV.



At Neera Forgings Testing Comprises of comprehensive mechanical testing facilities that include impact testing, tensile testing and non-destructive testing. The organization uses the most advanced euipment such as ultrasonic testing and highly sensitive mobile spectrometer, specialized dye penetrate and magnetic particle technique.

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